EURIDTAX Lisbon Executive Seminar (BEPS and IP Box Systems)

I am reproducing an announcement by Professor Ana Paula Dourado (University of Lisbon).

Many thanks, Ana Paula, for this relevant information.

Pedro Herrera

“The Research Group on R&D&I Taxation in Europe (EURIDTAX) is a research network formed by the Univ. of Alicante (UA), IBFD, Cathol. Univ. Louvain, Univ. of Lausanne, Univ. of Lisbon (CIDEEFF), Univ. of Lund, Univ. of Salerno, and WU Wien. The group is focused on research activities in the field of R&D&I and Taxation in Europe. One of its key aims is to build an international research network capable of carrying interdisciplinary and comparative legal research in this field.

The EURIDTAX LisbonExecutive Seminar is divided in four panels, the first of which aims to present and discuss the OECD Agenda on BEPS and Output and the EU Approach. In this panel we will have as speakers Prof. Dr. Frans Vanistendael (KU Univ. of Leuven) and Prof. Dr. Luc de Broe (KU Univ. of Leuven).

The second panel will concentrate on the IP Box Systems: Common Framework, Benchmarks and Efficient Patent Boxes. In this second panel, we will have as speakers Prof. Dr. Cécile Brokelind (Univ. of Lund), on “Definition of Benchmarks and the Follow-up of Incentives”, Maria Teresa Soler Roch (Univ. of Alicante), on “R&D and the Exceptions to the Principle of Equality”, Robert Danon (Univ. of Lausanne), on “Designing Efficient and OECD & EU Compatible IP Box Regimes”.

The third panel is dedicated to Milestones for Fostering Research and Development Activities in light of Tax Good Governance, International Trade and Transparency. The speakers will be Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Dourado (CIDEEFF/Univ. of Lisbon), on “Some Models for EU Compatible Incentives to R&D”, Adv. LLM Paolo Arginelli (IBFD), on “Analysis of Alternative Tax Regimes that can support International Trade, also with the use of Tax Incentives”, and Prof. Dr. Pasquale Pistone (IBFD/WU Wien/Univ. of Salerno).

The fourth panel is the final Debate and Conclusions with Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Dourado (CIDEEFF/Univ. of Lisbon).

Sponsored by LINKLATERS.

We kindly ask you to disseminate the EURIDTAX Executive Seminar on Tax good governance and the IP box systems in your professional organization and network.
We take this opportunity to inform you that some seats are still available for the GREIT Lisbon Summer Course (16-20 June).

Best regards,

Ana Paula Dourado

For further information and application, see the following link:

Enrolment/Contact us at:

CIDEEFF – Centro de Investigação de Direito Europeu, Económico, Financeiro e Fiscal

IDEFF – Instituto de Direito Económico, Financeiro e Fiscal

Alameda da Universidade – Faculdade de Direito

1649-014 Lisboa

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