Call European Academic Tax Thesis Award

Kristy Jonas (Academic Assistant at the EATLP) informs us that also this year the EATLP and the European Commission jointly confer the European Academic Tax Thesis Award (EATTA). the deadline is 31 December 2013. See the full information bellow.

The European Academic Tax Thesis Award is a joint venture of the European Association of Tax Law Professors and the European Commission (Directorate General Taxation and Customs Union).

The prize consists of an invitation by the European Commission to Brussels, where the author shall present the elected thesis to interested EU officials (the Commission reserves the right to invite other persons as well). The invitation includes that the travel expenses and, if necessary, hotel accommodation are borne by the Commission.

Any author fulfilling all of the following may apply:

  •   submission of a doctoral or post doctoral thesis on issues of comparative,
    European and/or International Tax Law (any language is eligible)
  •   submission of a summary of at least 20 pages (in English) which would allow assessment of the main ideas of the thesis
  •   submission of a table of contents (in English)
  •   acceptance of the thesis by a European university
  •   submission of the report of the thesis’ evaluator (in English; if available)
  •   maximum age: 35 years (reference date: time the doctoral degree has been
    formally awarded)

    The full text of the thesis as well as the summary, the table of contents and the evaluator’s report should be attached to the application. In total, each application will consist of no more than five pdf-documents: the thesis, the summary, the table of contents, the report of the evaluator, and a cover letter.

    A jury will select up to three theses defended within the respective calendar year.

    The jury will consist of members of the Academic Committee. The actual composition of the jury will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    The deadline for application for the Award is 31 December of the year in which the doctoral degree has been formally awarded.

    Application for the Award should be made by e-mail to Hermann Röschlau:

    Prof. Dr. Bertil Wiman and Prof. Dr. Peter Essers