Last lecture of Professor Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo: United Nations in the Modern World

About a year ago professor Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo pronounced a passionate speech on human rights in our first ECJ seminar at the Spanish Open University. Today we want to honour his memory publishing his last lecture at the University of Seville on May the 20th 2008.

He spoke about the United Nations in the Modern World (see the full text here): “In a world where violence and inequality are undeniable, it is necessary, even essential, to suggest a peaceful and caring order”, he said. May his words be remembered when tragic world events claim for this peaceful and caring order.

As Professor Carrillo Salcedo wrote quoting Manuel Scorza:

The rose will not be beautiful

as long as someone suffers; the wheat

will not be able to sleep as long as

someone looks at the bread with envy;

my heart will not smile as long as 

the beggars cry with cold at night

Many thanks to Professor Elisa Pérez Vera for providing the text and to Ms. Matilde Donaire for authorising its publication in this blog. The well-crafted translation has been done by my friend Fernando Ribera.

I dare ask you a prayer for Professor Juan Antonio Carrillo, a man of good and a model for all us.

Pedro M. Herrera

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