International Conference in Lodtz: Tax legislation: legal standards, trends, challenges

The Center of Tax Documentation and Studies has organised an international conference on quality of tax legislation to be held in Lodz (Poland) on 10th 12th October this year: Tax legislation: legal standards, trends, challenges.

According to the organisers “the aim of the conference is to identify standards, trends and challenges in drafting, enacting and assessing tax legislation and to create a picture of the tax legislation in force in different countries. We will examine how ideas of tax policy makers are translated into legal provisions and how these provisions are enacted: which legal forms may be and are used, which procedures must be followed and what standards kept. These issues constitute a continuation of the issues dealt with during the conference TAXPAYER PROTECTION, TAX POLICY which took place in Lodz in 2008.

The conference will be divided in two main parts, supplemented by a discussion on THE NECESSITY AND FEASIBILITY OF TAX POLICY HARMONIZATION IN THE EU. During the first part renowned speakers from over 10 countries will talk about international, EU and national LEGAL STANDARDS, TRENDS AND CHALLENGES OF TAX LEGISLATION. In preparation for the second part of the conference, academics and practitioners from 15 countries were requested to prepare national reports based on a questionnaire (attached) and DEPICTING NATIONAL TAX LEGISLATION. National reports will not be presented in full length during the conference. Instead, national reporters will give short input statements during 5 thematic sessions. Each round of statements will be preceded by comparative introduction by general reporters and concluded by a chairman. For details please refer to the attached agenda” (from the official website).

You can find further information and the registration form here. Registration deadline is 3th October 2013.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lodtz!

Pedro M. Herrera

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