Category Derecho a la protección frente al despido improcedente – right to protection against unjustified dismissal

STJUE C-152/11 ODAR: Social plan providing for a reduction in the amount of redundancy compensation paid to disabled workers / Plan social que prevé la reducción del importe de la indemnización por despido abonada a los trabajadores con discapacidad

JUDGMENT OF THE COURT 6 December 2012 in Case C‑152/11 Johann Odar v Baxter Deutschland GmbH.- In this reference from the Arbeitsgericht München (Employment Court, Munich), the Court is asked whether national measures  concerning compensation paid to workers upon redundancy are precluded by Council Directive 2000/78/EC. Under those measures workers close to retirement age (which is […]

Belén Alonso-Olea: “El desempleo en la Ley de medidas urgentes para la reforma del mercado laboral / “The Unemployment in the Emergency Measures Act to reform the Labor Market”

Belén Alonso-Olea García (Profesora titular de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social de la UNED y Letrada de la Administración de la Seguridad Social) ha publicado el artículo titulado “El desempleo en la Ley de medidas urgentes para la reforma del mercado laboral”, en el número 100 de la Revista del Ministerio de […]

A foreign State cannot plead immunity in response to employment law proceedings – Un Estado extranjero no puede imponer su inmunidad en materia laboral

Judgment in case C-154/11 – Ahmed Mahamdia v People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria / STJUE en el asunto C-154/11 – Ahmed Mahamdia vs. República Democrática popular de Argelia. Trending topics: Immunity of the employing State; international affairs , labour dispute , jurisdiction , branch , work contract , dismissal – Inmunidad de jurisdicción; cooperación internacional; […]

ECtHR: K.M.C. v. Hungary – workers’ right to protection against unjustified dismissal and right to a fair trial – Protección frente al despido improcedente y derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva

Application no. 19554/11 English: “31.  The Court recalls that, according to its well-established case-law, Article 6 § 1 of the Convention may be relied on by individuals who consider that an interference with the exercise of one of their (civil) rights is unlawful and complain that they have not had the possibility of submitting that claim […]


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